It was a hot day in late summer in 1881, over 120 years ago, the grape harvest was near and great-grandfather Giuseppe was having fun throwing pebbles into the pond. But this was a special day. It was a Friday, but above all it was great-grandfather's eight birthday. Giuseppe was particularly happy that day, and to celebrate the event, his father had come back with the gig from Turin, a city with its tradition of marvellous cafés and chocolate houses, bringing with him a precious gift. Wrapped in beautiful silver paper, there had arrived in great-grandfather’s house, for the first time, the unique taste of the food of the gods… chocolate!
It was love at first sight, or rather at first taste, as young Giuseppe held a small piece in his mouth that his mother, whit the typical thriftiness of farming families, had snapped off for him and his little brother.
He closed his eyes and slowly savoured the delicious taste, rolling it around in his mouth. In that moment he dreamt that in his little town in the province of Cuneo, he would begin a magnificent adventure to discover that incomparable marvel created by nature and the skilful work of man.
O course, back then it was not easy to start up a business unrelated to country activities, but great-grandfather had the typical Piedmontese stubbornness , and when he was 20, with the small sum of money he had earned from selling an old vineyard, he began to think once more of the old dream he had nurtured that late summer afternoon so many year before: producing chocolate.

Thus began the adventure of our family, which has been producing chocolate for four generations and almost 100 years, and is still based in the magnificent and uncontaminated hills in the province of Cuneo. The same love, the same passion, and the same dedication of great-grandfather Giuseppe still live on.
Times have changed and there have been many developments in the sector over the decades. Our family has invested in technology, research, and above all in quality, so that the same “love at first sight” which struck great-grandfather and stayed with him for the rest of his life, may be experienced by children all over the world. Following in his steps, still today cocoa beans are selected and chosen with painstaking care, and all the phases of the manufacturing cycle are watched over with the characteristic Piedmontese attention to detail.
In continuing the teaching received from great-grandfather, we have never been interested in making easy money, but only in satisfying our customers. It is this which, for over 100 years, has been the greatest reward and the motivation which every day gives us the strength to go on and to daydream, slowly savouring a piece of chocolate, as young Giuseppe did for the first time over 100 years ago.